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Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:18 pm
by Myrdim
vandaag de WD in de bus gekregen. Helemaal vernieuwt, nog steeds een reclame blad.

Het lijkt er trouwens ook op dat de codex een hardcovers is. zoals de fantasy army boeken

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:03 pm
by sanguinius
Codex Basics
- Written by Phil Kelly
- 104 pages
- Fantasy format, hardback, full colour
- Cover is the artwork for Blood Gorgons by Henry Zou (see above)
- All for the lump sum of - £30
- You can buy Psychic Cards, there are twelve in the set - £4.50

CSM Rules
Chaos Boon table (D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones)
These all have names but I will leave you to find them out yourselves
You have to win a challenge to roll on this table
11-16 - Nothing
21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn
23 - +1 Attack
24 - Eternal Warrior
25 - +1 Strength
26 - +1 BS
31 - +1 Initiative
32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound
33 - +1 Toughness
34 - Shrouded
35 - Armour Save improves by 1
36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane
41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit
42 - Re-roll failed armour saves
43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned
44 - Crusader
45 - Hammer of Wrath
46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)
51 - Adamantium Will
52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength
53 - Hatred (Everything!)
54 - Shred
55 - Melee attacks have instant death
56 - +1 WS
61 - Stubborn
62 - Fleet
63 - Feel No Pain
64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)
65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

Warlord Traits
1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)
2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze
3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)
4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)
5 - Warlord causes Fear
6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:19 am
by sanguinius
The Sons of Caliban are headed your way - with a fancy new flyer. Here's the latest:

via ever-trusty Stickmonkey

Belial - not needed for deathwing
Sammael - not needed for ravenwing
Barakiel - named Techmarine/Master of the Forge! Note: Barakiel is known as Angel of Lightning in references
Sabrael - Guardian of the Inner Circle, gives bonus to Inner Circle unit
Company Master TA option
Interrogator Chaplain
Command squad ( option to take TA or bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, and apothecary, standard bearer, 1 heavy weapon)

Chaplains (x3 can function independently like sanguinary priests in BA, or form a unit w special rules). Only characters if independent.
Inner Circle unit ( name is not known) tasked with hunting down one enemy unit, special rules for doing so. Can death wing assault, can assault on deep strike. But glass cannon, great in assault, but standard PA so will be easily shot up.
Brother-interrogators - this unit wears chaplain style death masks, but are not chaplains, they are a specialist unit adept at near range combat, standard armament is dual bolt pistols and power maul. Can upgrade pistols.

Tactical squad
Ravenwing Bike squad not sure how it differs from ravenwing assault squad.

Fast Attack:
Ravenwing assault squad
Ravenwing support squad
Assault marines
Ravenclaw air superiority fighter

Its bigger than the StormTalon, but the fuselage has a landspeeder style to it. I took it to mean squarish. The wings are supposedly fanned forward like an Aquila. And others have mentioned it would not take much to make this look like the chapter symbol, but I haven't heard anything on this.

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind w flakk options
Land Raider
Devastator w flakk options
Mystery Heavy Support - no info

Siege cannon ( this is supposedly the Techmarine cannon described earlier)
Battle bunker

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:04 am
by sanguinius
You didn't think we've forgotten about the Tau Empire did you? Here's the latest on the grapevine for our blue fishy friends.

via stickmonkey

2013 Q2/3 (lots in front of it)

Kroot are in - 1 to 2 new units including a beastly transport. ~probably the Great Knarloc
They may have more options in a later supplement.
No Demiurge

Crisis Suits:
Several new crisis suits.
More elegant style than current suits.
New smaller suit stealth-suit sized model designed for close combat.
New larger suit, with 2 twin linked rail cannons and a missile option.

Plastic Pathfinders

Remora Drone fighter (and possibly a second "Copperhead" flyer) is in
-dual gatling cannons
-rail gun option
-AA missiles or bombs option (pick one)

Railguns have a JOWW effect, able to hit multiple models in a line, but if hitting vehicles has a max number of hull points it can cause. Draws a line from the barrel to table edge, or the weapons max range. Every model under starts taking hits starting with the closest. If the railshot hits a vehicle or structure with Hull Points, its strength drops. Once it hits 3 or a table edge or fails to make a penetrating hit it's done.

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:19 pm
by sanguinius
The rumor floodgates are opening boys and girls. Lets take a look at the Dark Angel's HQ and ELITESs...

Rumors courtesy of Stickmonkey

Azrael - Artificer or Terminator options. New model. Lions Helm grants 3+ Inv., Lion's Wrath grants Gets Hot rerolls (army-wide?), Master crafted Plasma Blaster (see Horus Heresy book?), Sword of Secrets is Sx2 Master Crafted Power weapon. Watcher in the Dark model is W:1 5+ Inv, with no other stats. It cannot be targeted by anything including blasts, and must stay within 2" of Azrael or is removed. Watcher can take Look Out Sirs.

Belial - Terminator armor. New model. Eternal Warrior 2+ Inv!!! Grants Elites Deathwing Termys Heroic Intervention if he is attached. Cannot take options, Master Crafted Strombolter. Sword of Secrets is a Relic Blade with an additional effect. Belian grants a buff to Termys within 6".

Sammael - If mounted in his Speeder, unlocks scoring Speeders. Can also take his normal bike.

Azmodai - Current model (finecast) Unlocks no units. His Litanies grants a longer ranged more potent buff.

Ezekiel - Current model (finecast), Psyker Level 3

Barakiel - Master of the Forge. Armed with a "Reaper Cannon" - 36" S:5 Assault (6 or 12?) AP:3 Extremely Expensive in points.

Librarian - Power Level 1 (upgrade to 2)
Company Master - Power Armor, or Terminator armor
Interrogator Chaplain
Command/Honor squad Terminators or Bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, Apothecary, Standard bearer, 1x Heavy weapon upgrades. W:2 regardless of armor, or bikes.


Chaplains / Brother-Interrogators - Unit size 1-3. Chaplain style death masks, dual bolt pistols and power maul. (can upgrade pistols). B-I have an increased BS over regular chaplains and can operate independantly as IC or join units, B-I only buff the unit they join with litanies (more potent version), while non-upgraded chaplains buff a 6" bubble. B-I are only characters if independent, and cannot leave attached units (similar to Wolfguard).

Inner Circle Unit Terminator armor. W:1, Heroic Intervention if Belial is attached to the unit. WS/BS 5. They get a cover save upon deepstriking. "Lion-themed" visually. Entire unit can purchase Sergeant upgrades. No heavy weapons, Unit max size:5. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit

Dreadnought - Venerable and Mortis options. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit.
Scouts - Land Speeder Storm as dedicated transport. "Markerlight" effect targets one enemy unit - other Dark Angels units then get a bonus (reroll to hit?) versus the unit as long as the Scouts are within line of sight to thier "Fallen" target. Teleport Homer. Sergeant Namaan (WOOHOO!!) returns, granting Reserve rerolls to all Death Wing units.


Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:34 pm
by sanguinius
Some news is shaking loose regarding Orks and Eldar upcoming models. Here we go!

via Stickmonkey

Eldar Miniatures (alongside the codex)
2 Aspect Characters
2 other characters (Either HQs or Unit Upgrade characters)
New Aspect (plastic)
Wraithguard (plastic)
New Eldar tank
New Eldar Bomber

Eldar Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Flyer
Guardian Jetbikes - Shining Spears combo-box
2 existing Aspects moved to plastic
Avatar (new model, bigger than a Dreadnought)
Warp Gate (Terrain kit)

Ork Miniatures (alongside the codex)
New Weirdboy
MegaNobs - Tellyportas combo-kit
Grot Gliders - (very odd one, a 40K version of WFB Doomdivers?)
Mega Mork/Gork - (your guess is as good as mine)

Ork Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Buggy - Half-track
Flashgits - Tankbustas plastic combo-kit

We've been hearing of Eldar coming in mid 2013 for a while, talk of Orks is new. That Warpgate is yet another confirming hint towards continued terrain kits coming down the pipe for the various races.

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:45 pm
by sanguinius
Want to grab a 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 campaign book out of nowhere? Games Workshop has something to show you:

Crusade of Fire $41

Here's the marketing blurbs:

Crusade of Fire is a campaign system for Warhammer 40,000 that enables you to join the campaign to control the Corvus Sub-sector. Whether you choose to join the Crusade of Fire itself, the foul Servants of Ruin or the bloodthirsty Prophets of War, the fate of the sub-sector lies in your hands.

This 96-page, full-colour hardcover book features exclusive artwork and a host of dynamic new rules. As well as the campaign system itself, the book contains rules that can be used in any Warhammer 40,000 game, from massive multi-player scenarios fought in low-gravity environments or in bunkers deep below the ground, to expanded rules for Flyers. It also features rules for playing games in the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh as well as for fighting battles on the surface of a Daemon World.

Crusade of Fire also features the story of nine hobbyists as they play through the campaign, including detailed battle reports, fantastic army showcases and turn-by-turn accounts of their conquests

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Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:25 pm
by sanguinius
De nieuwe dark angels komen eraan: ... s-Jan-2013


Dark Talon: Rift Cannon, Hurricane Bolters, Stasis Bomb (one-use, dropped on an enemy for -3 WS and -3I)

Nephilim Fighter: Heavy bolters, Blacksword missiles (unit is "good at taking on enemy flyers"), Avenger mega-bolter / Las-cannon.

Deathwing Command: Options incl. Apothecary and Standard bearer. A "Champion" wielding the "massive Halberd of Caliban" is cited.

Deathwing Knights: Terminators - WS5, Storm Shields, Power-mauls and special rules, incl. Hammer of Wrath and "Smite" which makes them strike at S:10 AP:2 for one round. DW Terminators and the DW Knights can be fielded in units of 10. DW can take Plasma Cannons and they have the USR "Split Fire"

Land Speeder Vengeance: AC/HB, Plasma Storm battery (firing either 3 small blasts or 1 large blast).

Darkshroud: HB/AC, Shrouded USR and confers Stealth to allies within 12".

RavenWing Black Knights: Plasma Talons (instead of bolters), Corvus hammer (???), optional RavenWing grenade launcher.

Sammael: 4+ (conferred to his land speeder)

Dreadnaught: dual linked-autocannons, Venerable dreadnaught has "DW vehicle" rule (???)


DW Knights and Black Knights have a rule called "Inner Circle" granting a re-roll in close combat (???).

"DW Assault" rule ensures Deepstrikes in turns 1 or 2 with no rolling, decided by the DA player before the game begins.

Belial - Plenty of detail and the individual parts seem good, but the overall pose is incredibly static, almost like the old 2nd-3rd Edition metal one-piece models such as Eldrad and the original Yarrick.

Deathwing Terminators - Possibly the best of the bunch. Good variety, nice robes, and fantastic detail. A very nice visual departure from the standard termys.

Dark Talon - A plucky snubnosed fighter. I like the standard aircraft tail and wing design over the more helicopter inspired Stormtalon. I think this one's a winner.

Land Speeder Vengeance - Houston, we have a problem... It makes me want to take out the Marine crew and see if my Gi-Joe and Cobra action figures will fit in there. You all can wrestle in the mud with this one.

Re: 40K rumours

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:35 pm
by sanguinius
nieuwe space marines op komst:

- Codex: Space Marines with a very nice picture of badass looking Space Marine (probably best C:SM cover so far)
- confirmed the 7 limited versions
- none showed in WD, all mentioned obviously as mail-order only
- Apocalypse Warzone:Damnos will also be released (unsure if it’s digital only or not) – Damnos (see the BL book “Fall of Damnos” – basicly Necrons vs. Ultramarines)

Space Marine Captain & Space Marine Librarian (2 separate clam-packs)
- not to confuse with multi-part customisable Space Marines Commander set which should stay around
- those are like Cadre Fireblade, Aspiring Champion etc… 1 pose, plastic
- Captain has Cato Sicarius-like helmet and lots of bling, has a very similar pose to Captain from AOBR, Power Sword and Combi-Grav
- Librarian has beard (a lot of SM beards + bald heads in this release) and a skull-cap thingy wihich makes him look a bit like… Merlin
- Librarian also has a power staff (or whatever you call that) held horizontally, and one ugly cherub-like servitor cupid (creepy stuff)

Reclusiam Command Squad
- contains the mentioned SM Command Squad (don’t see any changes here), a plastic Chaplain and… Razorback – all for 55£
- this definetly isn’t the prettiest Chaplain model out there but it has some nice bitz, nice big skully Crozius and 2 heads – one bald with Kano-like face implant and the other is a skull helmet (looks a bit iffy)
- he also has purity seals with massive ribbons/parchments blown by the wind

Sternguard Veterans
- all the best elements fromt heir old metal versions, long loincloths, tons of bling, ornaments on helmets and armor, seems to have lot of bitz
- finally we get plastic versions of combi-weapons, all seem to be here including the new Combi-Grav
- nice new plastic Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter (version with drum-mag)
- badass heads and poses (yap, another bald head with beard)
- sergeant has a “Roman-mohawk” on his helmet (not the Sicarius one, other way around)
- 5 models in box

Vanguard Veterans
- slightly less bling then their on-foot veteran brothers
- nice ornaments on chainswords and power sword (relic/master-crafted versions?)
- mohawk head for sarge (like Lord Executioner, perhaps it’s a trend for jump-packers?)
- some nice aquila markings on jump packs
- awesome power-sword / relic blade
- 5 models in box

(NEW) Tactical Squad
- 10 models, price increased slightly
- not many changes here, will nicely mix with bits from old kit
- major addition is more head variants and new Grav-Gun and Grav-Pistol
- some new ornaments on backpacks and shoulder pads (not all, just few bits to make some difference among marines)
- interesting bits: Auspex is back! (but DA heralded that already), set of bolter/arms during reload (looks cool), badass Combi-Flamer, nice new (smaller) Power Fist

Stalker / Hunter
- the rumored dual-kit AA tank
- lots of new parts, side armor is massive and has some kind of pistons that seem to be pinning it to the ground
- front plate is also different from other vehicles on Rhino-chassis: Stalker / Hunter has one that looks a bit Heresy-era with a “bumper” that looks similarly to the one Landspeeder has (that belt-of-cubes bumper thing)

- Stalker is the one with dual 3-barrel autocannon-like guns, it also has a nice radar dish, really badass look
- it’s described as rapid-firing AA (guess it’s SM version of IG Hydra)
- now here’s big thing: it’s not twin-link! those are TWO SEPARATE guns that are mentioned to be able to shoot at TWO SEPARATE targets

- Hunter is the one that looks like that vintage SM Hunter tank – one massive AA turret barrel
- shoots “Skyspear Rockets” but no details on special rules here

Centurion Devastator Squad / Centurion Assault Squad
- the “Big Suits” everyone is talking about, apparently they are this release’s big spotlight
- Devastators are Heavy Support (duh!) and Assaults are… Fast Attack (what did you expect?)
- come in plastic kits, 3 models per box
- they really look like if the exoskelton is worn ON the Power Armour – their heads look super tiny
- they all seem to have same weapon in each hand and something mounted on the chest
- the Devastator options displayed contained Lascannons and Heavy Bolters
- the Assault options were Breaching Drills (like that arm FW’s Siege Dread has) with Stormbolters(?) attached, no other arm option shown
- the “chest weapon” apparently gave us choice of : frag lanuchers, mini-hurricane bolter (?!) and some rockets (chest mounted Typhoon ML?)

foto's: ... dup/page29

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Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:41 pm
by sanguinius
Nog foto's van de nieuwe space marines: ... 665&type=1

Ik weet niet wat die grote terminators moeten voorstellen, maar ik vind het spuuglelijke modellen. Precies teveel stijfsels in het wasmachine gedaan toen ze hun armour aan het wassen waren :D
Tanks zijn wel cool, met uitzondering van die pootjes onderaan zoals bij een verhuislift, precies of hun tank gaat achteruit vliegen als ze schieten.