40K 1st Manche 40K Sunday 23/02/2020

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40K 1st Manche 40K Sunday 23/02/2020

Post by Dark Riku » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:25 pm

1st Manche 40K 2019
We will play at PZ Gelrode. Rillaarsebaan 134, Gelrode.


Use a maximum of 2000 points using the normal restrictions.

Sending in lists
Please send in your lists in approximately this format as soon as possible to me in PM, Facebook or e-mail.
Late entries are always still welcome. This way I can post the lists online and we can spot possible mistakes.
When there is an even number of players I can also make the parings in advance.

Tournament Points
For your final position we will look to your wins/draws/losses first and then to your points scored per battle.
Painting will be considered a game vs yourself and you get a "win" by scoring a minimum of 10 points.

Painting score
Automatic score of 0 if your army is not WYSIWYG.
10P-> amount painted
2P-> fully based (excluding clear or flyer bases)
Extra points only for fully painted & based armies:
4P-> cohesive colour scheme
2P-> details on bases (not just painted)
2P-> squad markings (a way to keep units distinguishable from each other if applicable)

Missions from the ETC 2020 (P32-37) will be randomly used.

Some tournament rules reminders
ETC FaQ > GW FaQ's and all Beta Rules are in effect.
Read P27-31 for the full length explanation.
Due to the nature of 8th edition and our available scenery we will count all fully enclosed openings on the bottom floors of ruins to be completely shut.
Every scenario will be a combination of an Eternal War, Maelstrom of War and Kill Points (difference of max 6) on 20 points.
First Strike, Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, Schemens of War (ETC altered) & Acceptable Casualties are in effect.
Replace any D3 on a card to 2. Do not use the race specific tactical objectives.
There are always 6 objective markers. Some or all markers might be used for both missions, others only for Maelstrom.
Fixed game length at 6 turns for each player.

Participants (8)
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